iMenu4u QR code based ordering

What is QR code based ordering?

The iMenu4u QR based ordering system lets customers pay directly from their table. Customers are saved from the hassle of having to stand in a long queue. As a result, potential customers don’t see long queues forming before counters and feel encouraged to enter the restaurants. Another massive advantage of using QR codes is that restaurants can process more customers. Every restaurant that uses the iMenu4u QR based ordering system can utilize its capacity to the fullest more easily because customers no longer need to stand in queues before finding a table. Instead, customers directly sit at a table which increases the likelihood that the restaurant is filled to optimum capacity.

How it Works?


Mobile-Friendly Online Ordering System Setup

The first step is to get your mobile-friendly online ordering system setup.The online ordering can integrate with your restaurant’s ordering system so you can easily take orders from your website and put them in with in-store orders.


Optimize Your Online Menu

you’ll want to optimize your menu for your customers, which will also optimize your menu for search. Add a great description and use the language that your customer would use. Describe each menu item in great details and really sell your website visitors on the item.


Keep Your Menu Updated

Finally, keep your online menu updated. Make sure old items are removed and that every new item is added. It will make your online ordering system more efficient and effective. It will also make sure that your website visitors are enticed to buy.